How To Search Wharton County Property Information

The Wharton County Central Appraisal District website has some amazing features anyone can access and I utilized it on a daily basis.  If you have ever asked the following questions regarding real estate in our local area, read the rest of this post so you know where to find the answers! 

  • Where are the City Limits?
  • Who lives at a certain address?
  • Who are the neighbors?
  • What type of soil does that property have?
  • Where are the property boundaries?

Go to:  

Curious as to why I am providing you with these tips?  Visit my post on “Why I Created This Website” and you will understand why!

Search Options

At the top right-hand corner, you will see “property search” and “interactive map”.  For the purposes of the mapping features I love the most – click on “Interactive Map.”  You can scroll around, or head straight over to the binoculars drop down for different search options to locate properties.

Mapping Overlays

My favorite features are the map overlays.  This gives you the good stuff!  From satellite imagery, topography and soil types – you will need all of this to gather information, especially farm and ranch property.

Adding Boundaries

Lastly, the “layer list” will give you several options to pick from as far as showing various boundaries.  Be patient – it takes a minute to load, but it is worth the wait!

These are only a few of the wonderful features we all have available to us when searching for property information in Wharton County.  Looking in another county?  Click the links below to point you in the right direction, or start by searching online.

All of the information contained on the websites are of public record and bravo to the counties who go above and beyond to provide you with detailed mapping options!  

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